Section A. Meeting Requirements

1. The RCDC will meet regularly at least once a month. Regular meetings will be held at a designated time and place to be announced before the meeting.

 Section B. Prohibitions

2. No member of the Committee will receive compensation for, or be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred in order to attend a meeting.

Section C. Certification, Records, and Reporting

1. Maintenance of Records (The Calendar Year will begin on January 1)

a. The Committee will maintain the following records:

· A list of all financial transactions kept on a calendar year basis

· A list of all unpaid financial obligations

2. Filing requirements

    a. In meeting filing requirements set forth in the State Charter and by‑laws and the State Election Code, the Committee will report directly to the State Chair and the Elections Superintendent. The Committee will file the following documents in timely fashion:

    • A list of Committee Members
    • All Charters, bylaws, and Regulations of Committee and affiliate organizations
    • A certification by the Chairperson that the Committee is duly constituted and organized and is following sound financial operating procedures
    • The Committee will also file with the State Chair an annual report of activities or meeting minutes and the location and signatories of all Committee bank accounts

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