Section A. Officers

  • Chairperson
  • First Vice Chairperson
  • Second Vice Chairperson
  • Third Vice Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Assistant Treasurer
  • Chaplain
  • Parliamentarian
  • Sergeant at Arms

Section B. Committees

1. Executive Committee

a. The Chairperson of the RCDC will be the chair of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will consist of the officers, committee chairpersons, and one representative from the League of Democratic Women and one representative from the Young Democrats.

2. Active Committees will be:

  • Affirmative Action g. Labor
  • Finance h. Latino
  • Finance
  • Membership
  • Political Action
  • Publicity and Public Relations
  • Ways and Means

3. Standing Committee will be

a. By-Laws
b. Nominating

4. Appointments of Committee Chairs

a. Each Active and Standing Committee Chairperson will be appointed by the RCDC Chairperson and approved by the Executive Committee except for the Nominating Committee Chairperson. (See Article V.A.a.) All Chairpersons must be members of RCDC.
b. The Chairperson will appoint other committees as needed to carry out the Committee’s business with approval of the Executive Committee.

Section C. Duties


a. The Chairperson will preside at all meetings thereof and shall have general supervision of all the affairs of the Committee.
b. He/She may call meetings of the whole Committee or any Sub-committee, whenever, in his/her discretion the business of the Party requires such action. He/She will be Ex-Officio Chairperson of all committees. He/She will exercise all and singular duties usually devolving upon a chief executive officer.


a. First Vice-Chairperson – Acts as Chairperson of the Finance Committee and has oversight responsibilities for the Ways & Means Committee and all ad hoc Committees. He/She is responsible for making sure an fidelity bond is current to cover all Executive Committee members.
b. Second Vice-Chairperson – Is responsible for making sure the Affirmative Action and Membership Committees are active.
c. Third Vice-Chairperson – Is responsible for making sure the Political Action and Public Relations Committees are active.
d. The Vice-Chairperson will preside at the meetings in the absence of the Chairperson in the following order: First Vice-Chairperson, Second Vice-Chairperson, and Third Vice-Chairperson.


a. The Secretary will keep the minutes of all public business meetings of the RCDC and the Executive Committee. Will provide a copy of RCDC’s minutes to members at regular meetings. Will notify members of all meetings in coordination with the Public Relations Committee and will attend generally to the correspondence of the Committee.
b. Will attest the signature of the Chairperson on all credentials and certificates.
c. Will keep an accurate, updated list of all members in coordination with the Membership Committee. Will also keep a record of when terms expire, to include when someone is filling an unexpired term.


a. Will assist the Secretary in any phase of duties as requested.
b. Will preside at the meetings in the absence of the Secretary.


    a. Will issue receipts for all monies collected, make deposit of the same in the bank in Richmond County, Georgia, insured by the FDIC, to the credit of the RCDC account.
    b. Checks will be issued only upon receipt of a voucher properly showing the nature of the expenditure and for what purpose, with the proper signatures. Under normal conditions, all vouchers above $1000 will be approved at the Executive Committee meeting. Should funds be needed between meetings for emergencies, vouchers may be approved by the Chairperson and reported to the Executive Committee at the next meeting.

      • The Treasurer is authorized to sign all checks. If for any reason, the Treasurer is unable to perform this duty, the following persons are authorized to sign checks: Assistant Treasurer, Chairperson, and First Vice-Chairperson

    d. Financial reports, including bank statements, will be prepared and distributed to all Executive Committee members at their monthly meetings.
    e. At the end of each term of office, there will be an audit conducted by the Finance Committee and a report made to the whole Committee. All records, transfer of funds, and supplies will be done with a smooth, expedient transition.


a. Will assist the Treasurer in any phase of duties as requested.
b. Will preside at the meetings in the absence of the Treasurer.
c. Will serve as a member of the Finance Committee.


a. Insures that all meetings are opened with appropriate nondenominational oral or silent invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag.


a. Ensures that order is maintain at all meetings in accordance with the current edition of Roberts Rule of Order.


a. Is responsible for maintaining security and decorum at all public meetings and special events. In addition, he/she will aid in the organization of special events.

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