Section A. Party Districts and Committee Posts

  1. General Membership

a. All qualified electors residing within the county of Richmond who believe in the principles for which the party stands, and who, in good faith, will pledge themselves to support the Democratic nominee for all offices, are hereby declared to be members of the Democratic Party of Richmond County including the right to seek Democratic Nomination for public office.

2. Committee Membership

a. The governing body of the Democratic Party of Richmond County will be known as the Richmond County Democratic Committee which will be composed of members elected as follows:

  • Fifteen (15) members from each (Commission District numbered 1-8), receiving a majority of votes within the district, and a County-wide Democratic Caucus, called for this purpose by the County Chair. Such election should be advertised for two (2) weeks in the local newspaper during the month preceding the election. At-Large Committee members are non-voting members of the Committee. (See II.A.3)
  • Every member of the said committee will be a registered elector of the District from which he/she is elected. Removal of residence from Richmond County will vacate his/her seat of said Committee.
  • RCDC will be the sole judge of the qualifications of its own members and by a majority will fill vacancies in said Committee caused by death, resignation, removal, or otherwise, and the person so elected will hold office for the unexpired term. A nomination made to fill a vacancy in the Committee will be made by the District Committee affected. The nominee will then be submitted to the Committee for election.
  • Any Committee member who is absent without just cause from regular Committee meetings on three consecutive occasions and following a review by the Executive Committee may be asked to resign.

3. At - Large Membership

a. At-Large (non-voting) Members can be accepted to the Committee when there is a concentration of Committee members in one district. This also allows for elected officials to be members of the Committee without taking the Committee post away from other individuals who desire to be members of the Committee.

4. Members Emeriti

a. This group will consist of those members of long standing and outstanding service to the RCDC whose age/or health have severely limited their ability to participate. They shall be elected in the same manner as all other Committee members. Members Emeriti shall serve as non‑quorum lifetime members with the same duties, privileges, and vote as members except that they shallbe exempt from attendance requirements.

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