Section A. Organization and Purpose

  1. An organization known as the Richmond County Democratic Committee, hereafter called “RCDC,” is hereby organized. The Committee has jurisdiction over Democratic Party affairs in Richmond County.
  2. The Committee's purpose is to help select and elect Democratic Party Candidates to office.
  3. The platform of the RCDC will include those of the Democratic Party of Georgia.

Section B. Duties

  1. Promote development of Democratic Party organization and activities
  2. Seek and encourage qualified candidates for public office
  3. Support Democratic nominees
  4. Perform election functions as are required by Law
  5. Maintain appropriate records
  6. Raise funds for the above purposes
  7. Perform such other duties as may be required by the State Committee

Section C. Authorities

1. RCDC will adhere to the decisions made by the following representative bodies;

    • The National Convention
    • The National Democratic Committee
    • The State Convention
    • The State Democratic Committee
    • The Congressional District Convention
    • The Congressional District Democratic Committee

2. The Officers and Members of these bodies who are residents of Richmond County will be Honorary Members of the RCDC with privileges of the floor, but without a vote.

3. As to matters purely of a local County nature, the Democratic Party of Richmond County, through its County Committee, is sovereign, subservient only to the laws of the State.

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